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The amount of people who decide to stay at home with the children in this day and age has increased (about 30% of mothers stay at home with the kids); it seems this number fluctuates depending on the decade. When your parents were child-rearing age majority of the mothers stayed home, while some did not work at all others I am sure did. Since that time society has told women and men that they both need to work in order to provide a good income for the family, including the children. Since the rise of larger families people are finding it more cost effective and easier to leave one parent at home. While some families still report the need for dual income the parent staying home (traditionally the mother) will search for a job or way to make money at home. This searching for a work from home job has led to the increase in multi-level marketing companies. To join a multi-level marketing company you typically pay a startup fee which includes a few samples of the product and marketing material to get you started along with the link to your own website hosted by the company. Mom and dads all over the country are jumping on the work from home bandwagon and why not, there are so many perks and benefits to this new work force. • Saves money – while you pay a little to start up a home based business you still end up saving money in the long run. You no longer have gas expenses, daycare costs, or clothing costs just to name a few. • Taxes – while you will be responsible for paying your own taxes at the end of the year, when you work from home you can also claim many things for company write offs, like part of your mortgage if you have a home based business office, along with things like your phone and internet bills. • Satisfaction – many stay at home moms want to contribute to the home, so a home based business for stay at home moms is perfect. Mom gets to stay home with the children all while bringing in an income. Starting a home based business will take time and dedication as well as discipline to put the time into your business to get it up and running, but once you get everything set up and going you will be happy you chose a work from home business that will help you make money online.

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